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    • Manufacturer of dairy farm equipment, cellar beer and process tanks
    • Expert in heat exchange and storage of liquids
    • Design, production, installation and service
    • Globally active, in more than 50 countries
    • More than 70 years of experience
    • Stainless steel specialist

Process Industry


The process industrie is an industry in which the primary production processes are either continuous, or occur on a batch of materials that is indistinguishable. For these processes, Mueller manufactures process tanks. These tanks are used for temperature-controlled processes, storage and transport. Our process tanks can be found on cruise ships (beer and wine tanks), bakery’s, and breweries.


Based on specifications from the customer, such as pressure resistance, tank volume and the available space, Mueller will take care of engineering, production and installation. Tanks are available with capacities ranging from 50 to 50,000 litres.


Mueller process tanks are reliable, sustainable and comply with stringent quality requirements. Our tanks are certified under PED 97/23/EC. ASME certification is optional.

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