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Milk monitoring

To guarantee the milk quality, it is necessary to constantly monitor the storage and cooling of the milk. This is possible with the MilkGuard. This control- and communication unit constantly monitors everything and in case of any abnormality, it will inform you immediately. When equipped with a GPRS/UMTS modem, the MilkGuardsends a text message to the dairy farmer if an alarm is triggered.


Large-scale implementation of a milk guard system on dairy farms leads to significant improvement in milk quality. Excessively long cooling times which the MilkGuard draws attention to lead to an increased turnover in pre-coolers and this leads to a better milk quality. Inadequate supplies of warm water for cleaning and faults in the cleaning system are also detected without fail.

All this adds up to undoubted benefits that ultimately result in improved milk quality and returns for those in the dairy industry.

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