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Milk Collection Centers: Complete concept for single or multi tank raw milk cooling and storage

Emerging dairy countries are in the process of stimulating local raw milk production activities. Mueller is part of this process by setting up milk collection points where raw milk is collected, cooled and stored. this strongly improves the milk quality and helps securing the farmer’s income. 

With the collection centers, a new cold chain is being realized, cost-effective and energy-efficient, increasing the price farmers are getting. In addition, the dairy cooperatives will experience less spoilage and better milk quality as milk is chilled in 3-4 hours rather than the usual 10 hours. The collection centers play an important role in the transition period from small scale individual household farmer (< 5 cows) towards a commercial dairy family farmer (> 30 cows) equipped with its own milk cooling tank solution.


In Uganda, Mueller takes part in a dairy value chain project that aims at strengthening the technical skills and commercial negotiating capacity of dairy cooperatives. Together with distributor Inndigo, as well as other local partners, Mueller has set up about 100 Milk Collection Centers, where milk is centrally collected, cooled and stored under conditioned circumstances.

Worldwide experience

Mueller has a wide experience in setting up such collection points in Asia, Africa and eastern Europe. We can also provide, in cooperation with Distributors TA assistance, location evaluation and identification, collection point set up as well as relevant hardware supply.

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