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Energy efficient milk cooling

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The days of cheap energy are now gone and the need for energy efficient milk cooling and water heating products has now become essential in order to enable dairy farmers to reduce their energy consumption and improve profitability.

The Mueller name has always meant a guarantee of both quality and reliability and we remain committed to ensuring uncompromising performance and efficiency is built into every single product we produce. Apart from the significant savings that can be achieved with the Mueller milk cooling tank, the company also offers a number of other energy saving products to further improve profitability: the Mueller HiPerForm E-Star® condensing unit, the Mueller Plate Cooler, the Pipe Cooler, or the Mueller Fre-Heater® you can realise considerable savings on your energy bills.

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Energy saving tips:

Watch these short clips to find out which actions you can take yourself to reduce the energy costs. For example by shielding or cleaning your condensing unit.


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