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    • Control of the quality of the beer right to the time of consumption
    • No more labour-intensive toiling and broaching beer kegs
    • Efficiency and quality, from the brewer to the glass
    • Space-saving in height through compact stacking
    • Different beer tank models

Serving Beer Tanks

A tank system for distributing beer is money well spent. Mueller serving beer tanks will save the bar manager from labor-intensive toiling and broaching beer kegs. He does not only control the quality of the beer right to the time of consumption but will also save on freight.

Mueller tank systems are:

  • turn key from brewer to tap (if required);
  • made of stainless steel AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301);
  • equipped with a cooling system in the form of a cooling coil that runs across the full length of the tank;
  • most hygienic and minimize the cost of cleaning due to the use of beer liners;
  • space-saving in height through compact stacking;
  • user-friendly through front controls.


Mueller serving beer tanks are supplied with a type approval according to PED 97/23/EG. As an option the tanks can be supplied with ASME-approval.

Brochure Beer Tank - Advanced
If you are interested in our beer cooling solutions in the UK, please visit the website of Tank Beer UK. Or contact the Mueller Head Office in The Netherlands.


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