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DRU Used Milk Tanks

The DRU stainless steel milk cooling tank is manufactured in The Netherlands and has capacities from 530 litres to 12.000 litres. The tanks are available in the following models:

Tanks with built-on cleaning

This model of milk tank is manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI 304 (DIN-1.4301) and meets the ISO 5708 requirements for bulk milk tanks. The construction of the tank and the adjustable legs enable an even weight distribution throughout the milk vessel enabling the tank to be positioned in virtually any dairy.


Tanks with seperate cleaning

DRU's most popular milk cooling tank is their model with a separate cleaning system. This tank has a characteristically round shape and a large evaporator surface. These features, together with good insulation, enable an excellent cooling performance. The construction of the tank and the adjustable legs enable an even weight distribution, so the tank can be placed in virtually every dairy. To clean the tank, a separate DRU automatic cleaning system is delivered with the tank.


Open model

On occasions, Mueller Sales has open type models of milk tanks in stock, ideal for the smaller milk producer. With the aid of warm water and detergent this type of tank can be cleaned manually. By simply inserting the power plug into an electric socket, the tank is ready for cooling. The separate condensing unit is connected to the tank with a flexible power cable.

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