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    • Manufacturer of dairy farm equipment, cellar beer and process tanks
    • Expert in heat exchange and storage of liquids
    • Design, production, installation and service
    • Globally active, in more than 50 countries
    • More than 70 years of experience
    • Stainless steel specialist

Single Plate

Single Temp-Plates are supplied to machinery constructors and installation companies for integration in their own products and processes.

The Temp-Plate can be supplied in single plates for several applications such as the heating of process water and the cooling of conveyor belt systems.


  • Maximum plate dimensions are 6000 x 1500 mm (lxw)
  • Plate thicknesses for Temp-Plate single embossed are 2.0/0.6 up to 6.0/1.5 mm
  • For Temp-Plate double embossed thicknesses are 0.8/0.8 up to 2.5/2.5 mm
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