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Falling Film Water Chiller

The Falling Film Water Chiller is a system where the cooling medium passes inside the double-embossed Temp-Plate sections whilst the process water flows as a thin film over the external surfaces of the plates.

The chiller is suitable for cooling by means of direct expansion (DX) or a pumped system.
The Falling Film Water Chiller is available in cooling capacities of between 100 kW and 1600kW per unit.



  • A water temperature of 0.5ºC without the risk of freezing
  • Suitable for an internal pressure up to 25 barG
  • Self cleaning by the water film
  • High K-factor
  • Low pressure drop
  • Compact design
  • Removable side panels for inspection

Used on a dairy farm, the chiller system works as follows:

Refrigeration units circulate refrigerant through the evaporator plates located in the falling film chiller, which drops the temperature of the water supply located in the chiller’s reservoir. Chilled water from the reservoir then flows to the plate heat exchanger where warm milk is circulated in the opposite direction of the chilled water. The chiller water lowers the temperature of the milk before flowing to the milk storage tank. Water from the plate heat exchanger is sent back to the chiller for re-cooling.

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