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Heat Transfer Products

Designed to meet your heat transfer needs, Mueller Temp-Plate® is a highly versatile, panel-type heat transfer product that can be supplied in an almost unlimited number of styles, shapes and materials to meet the client's exact requirements, making it the most versatile, dependable and economical heat transfer surface available.

Mueller Temp-Plate® is available in single and double-embossed versions and is the ideal solution for your cooling or heating process.

Single Embossed Surface

Single-embossed Temp-Plate® consists of two stainless steel plates of differing thicknesses, spot welded together and inflated one side. This design is an economical version which can be utilised when a flat surface is required such as process vessel walls, conveyor belts and other manufacturing applications.

Double Embossed Surface

Double-embossed Temp-Plate® consists of two stainless steel plates of equal thickness, spot welded together and inflated both sides. This design maximises the heating or cooling process by utilising both sides of the heat transfer plate and is commonly used in immersion, plate banks and clamp-on applications.


Mueller Temp-Plate® can be supplied with approval in accordance with PED97/23/EC or ASME.


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