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Mueller in Kenya

Published on april 19, 2018

EuroDairy official Mueller distributor and cooperation agreement for the development of milk collection centers

New distributor: EuroDairy

Mueller has signed a dealer contract with EuroDairy. On behalf of Mueller, Dirk Pieter Wouda (International Sales Manager) and Jos ten Horn (International New Business Manager) were in Kenya to make the collaboration official. Another purpose of their visit was to attend the official opening of the EuroDairy showroom. At that opening, senior representatives from the Kenyan government and the agricultural sector were present, as well as the press. The opening ceremony was even broadcasted live on television. Meanwhile, the first container with Mueller tanks is on its way to Kenya.

Cooperation agreement with SNV

Besides the opening of the showroom and signing the dealer contract, Mueller came to another agreement. Together with SNV, an international development organization, Mueller will start a program for the strategic improvement of milk collection centers in Kenya. From the very first stage of the process, Mueller has been involved, researching and exploring the field. The findings were then used as input for the further completion of the program, which will certainly continue for a number of years.

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