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Innovative Floating Farm in Rotterdam chooses a Mueller milk cooler

Published on june 26, 2018

This year a unique Floating Farm will be built in Merwe4Have in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As the name suggests, the Floating Farm is literally a floating and fully self-sufficient dairy farm, built according to the principles of the circular economy.

This state of the art farm offers space for 40 Montbéliarde breed cows, who will be milked by a milking robot. To maintain the quality of the milk, a Mueller O-milk cooler has been chosen.

In addition to a commercial production company, the floating farm is also an education center in the field of innovative techniques and urban agriculture. There is also an opportunity for scientific research on various components such as feed production, residue processing, energy reduction and generation and drinking water production and reuse.

For more information please take a look at: https://floatingfarm.nl/

Floating Farm

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