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    • Manufacturer of dairy farm equipment, cellar beer and process tanks
    • Expert in heat exchange and storage of liquids
    • Design, production, installation and service
    • Globally active, in more than 50 countries
    • More than 70 years of experience
    • Stainless steel specialist

United Kingdom

Mueller has a U.K. network of dealers operating in conjunction with five main regional distributors. Should you wish to contact the Mueller regional distributor for your county, please refer to the details below.

If you require more information about our products or services in the UK, you can call 0800-0210111 or e-mail .

Scotland and Northern Counties

GD & M Dunglinson
T: 01228 524 918
M: 07917 418 261
W: www.dunglinson.co.uk

Wales and West Counties

Jenkins Refrigeration
T: 01267 237 137
W: www.jenkinsrefrigerationcarmarthen.co.uk

Mid East Counties

Dairy Engineering
T: 07836 343 640 or 07899 894 409
W: muellerdairyengineering.co.uk

South West Counties

KJ Refrigeration
T: 01271 344 410
W: www.kjrefrigeration.co.uk

South East Counties

Wooldridge Dairy Services Ltd
T.: 01453 860 614
W: www.wdsl.co.uk


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