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    • Manufacturer of dairy farm equipment, cellar beer and process tanks
    • Expert in heat exchange and storage of liquids
    • Design, production, installation and service
    • Globally active, in more than 50 countries
    • More than 70 years of experience
    • Stainless steel specialist

Corporate Social Responsibility

The environment

Mueller has a long tradition when it comes to developing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. And also during the production process the environment is taken into account, in different ways:

  • During the production of Mueller equipment, waste materials obtained are as much as possibly recycled.
  • Before scrapping or recycling old condensing units, refrigerants and oil are removed in the Mueller workshop.
  • Working and installation protocols, including staff training, are focused on cooling refrigerant leakage prevention.
  • In the development of products, Mueller always looks at the possibility to integrate new technologies in the field of energy saving.

In addition to our own approach, we also encourage our dealers worldwide to be sustainable in their work. For example, by replacing old, non-energy-efficient equipment and always use environmentally friendly refrigerants.


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