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    • Manufacturer of dairy farm equipment, cellar beer and process tanks
    • Expert in heat exchange and storage of liquids
    • Design, production, installation and service
    • Globally active, in more than 50 countries
    • More than 70 years of experience
    • Stainless steel specialist


Important moments in the Mueller history

In 1940, Paul Mueller and his partner Gordon Mann opened the Mann and Mueller Heating and Sheet Metal Works. Their first employee was Joe White, who eventually became our Executive Vice President. In 1943, Paul bought Gordon Mann's share of the business after Mr. Mann became ill, and the name of the business was changed to Paul Mueller Company.


Chicken pluckers

1944 marked our first venture into the food processing business. We made chicken pluckers, scalders, and eviscerating equipment for a super salesman named Kent Tomlinson. We were incorporated in Missouri in 1946, and that same year, we began manufacturing dairy processing equipment for the first time: cheese vats, culture tanks, and cheese presses. With the new product line came new business, and in 1950 we moved from Commercial Street to Phelps Street. The original building was 27,000 square feet on a three-acre lot. In Springfield, we now have approximately 1,000,000 square feet under roof on about 50 acres.

1955: the first milk cooling tanks

New space made room for new products, and we built our first dairy farm milk coolers in 1955. The EmBee milk coolers were built for the Meyer-Blanke Company. Paul Mueller Company's farm milk cooler has played an important role in the success and growth of our Company. Thanks to the hard work and talents of our employees, we are recognized world-wide as the producer of the industry's highest quality farm milk cooling and storage systems. With more than 72,000 milk coolers in roughly 125 countries, we can safely take at least a little credit for healthy teeth and bones all over the world.

The sixties: beer and wine

In 1960, the decision was made to discontinue our heating and sheet metal contracting activities and to concentrate on manufacturing food processing equipment. We became ASME® certified to build pressure vessels in 1961, an important step in our development as a major producer of stainless steel processing equipment. In 1964, Mueller began manufacturing beer aging and fermenting equipment in the United States. We began building wine tanks in 1965. Since then, our beautifully crafted tanks have been installed in wineries in Mexico, Japan, and the U.S. Our wine fermenting and storage tanks can be built specifically for either red or white wine processing.

Field Operations, Inc.

In 1998, Mueller Field Operations, Inc. was established to enable PMC to compete for larger contracts that require on-site fabrication of tanks and other equipment. To effectively market the products in China, PMC applied for and was granted the China Safety Quality License in 1999. In 2008, Paul Mueller Company acquired their long time licensee, SSP Lichtenvoorde [The Netherlands] B.V., and formed Mueller B.V.. Mueller Lichtenvoorde B.V. manufactures Paul Mueller Company's dairy farm equipment products, serving beer tanks, and a full range of heat transfer and processing equipment for the international markets. In September 2012, PMC completed the first tanker trailer. This unit, for the transportation of crude oil, was quickly followed by models for refined fuels, dry bulk products, and stainless steel tankers for sanitary applications.

Global process solution provider

Over the years, Paul Mueller Company has evolved from a small-scale fabricator into a global process solution provider, supplying outstanding equipment and unique solutions to the process industries with technical expertise, innovative engineering, and manufacturing resources.

Paul Mueller Company, Springfield (MO)
Paul Mueller Company, Springfield (MO)


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